Brian Nuckols

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About Brian Nuckols

Brian Nuckols is a retired Phoenix Police Detective and United States Army Veteran with a collective 25+ years in Government service. Brian is now looking to give back to the community in a different capacity as a Real Estate Agent.

At the time you first meet Brian, you will feel at ease, knowing you can rely on his professionalism, honesty and integrity and confident he will represent your best interest throughout the Real Estate transaction.

Brian has a keen understanding of the needs of first responders, active and prior service military personnel, which makes him a particularly suitable member of the Realtor community.

Brian is originally from Oregon, but have spent the last 20 years in Phoenix with his wife and two children…

Though Brian is passionate in assisting and giving back to active duty military, veterans and first responders, he is available to assist anyone with selling your home and help you find your dream home while ensuring the most seamless process possible.